Radix rehmanniae

Medicine food dual purpose foods

Alias: radix rehmanniae Preparata with tip: oral: soup with fried, 10 to 30 g; or into a pill,; or paste survived, leaching liquor.

Knowledge of radix rehmanniae Preparata on:

Rehmannia fumigation to black, Radix rehmanniae, this product is for the law of the massive sizes, both inside and outside the dark color, luster, surface wrinkling injustices. Section nourishing, Center blocks visible light to the Ministry of oil, viscous, the quality is soft, micro, sweet taste. To root tuber of mast, soft, moisturizing, glossy black is better.

Analysis on the nutrition of radix rehmanniae Preparata:

Enriching yin, replenishing vital essence to fill spinal cord. Indications of liver and kidney Yin deficiency, soreness of the waist and the knees, bone-steaming hot flashes, night sweats wet dream, heat and thirst, blood deficiency decayed yellow, palpitations palpitations, menstruation, uterine bleeding blood, Vertigo and tinnitus, premature graying hair.

Supplementary information of radix rehmanniae Preparata:

For general cargo of radix rehmanniae Preparata, regardless of their level in General. To a large, weight, mass soft olivene tea, section of dark, sweet taste better. Especially in Henan huaiqing rehmannia is best, as one of the four Huai medicines. According to different processing methods can be divided into steams of radix rehmanniae Preparata radix rehmanniae radix rehmanniae radix rehmanniae and Ginger wine, and liquor, the system of Amomum villosum radix rehmanniae, prepared radix rehmanniae carbon, after the processing of dry storage containers, sealed of radix rehmanniae Preparata, buy a cool dry place, mildew, Yin-boring.

For the crowd of radix rehmanniae Preparata:

Greasy nature of this product viscosity, impede digestion, where a deficiency of the spleen and stomach, stagnation of phlegm, abdominal fullness and distention and drinking fewer soft stool, cream suits.

Therapeutic role of radix rehmanniae Preparata:

Gan, tepid. Liver and kidney. Into the blood system, mass reduction tender and smooth. Radix rehmanniae cardiotonic, diuretic, hypoglycemic and rise peripheral white blood cells, enhancing immune function.

Practice guidance of radix rehmanniae Preparata:

Where blood modestly spleen lost nourishing, complexion decayed yellow, Vertigo, palpitations, insomnia who, Yi and Angelica phase be for with; where liver renal yin, chieftain faint, deafness tinnitus, lumbar knee still ached, sweating, nocturnal emission who, can and mountain dogwood, Yam, Peony skin, compatibility; if this Foundation Shang, plus know mother, and Phellodendron, can treatment Yin fire Mong Kok, bone steamed tide hot, sweating nocturnal emissions, feet pulse strong who.

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