Mango jam

Condiment class

Mango jam practice guidance:

600 grams of mango ingredients: 372 g sauce: 10 grams of maltose syrup with lemon sauce 300 g 1. mango pulp cut small pieces alternate; 2. a skillet of boiling water, adding stevia continued 10 minutes, to half the amount of water. 3. fishing except stevia, then adding maltose mix and cook until melted; 4. join the mango flesh, boil until lemon juice with a small fire, frequently with a wooden spoon to stir when boiled; 5. to avoid burning, and during the cooking process should always be floating foam and salvage except; 6. softening smaller with small fires slowly boiled to mango meat, juices thickened flameout, after bottling after cold cold storage.

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