Fructus lycii

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Fructus lycii

Alias: Gansu Qi and Gong Qi, Chinese wolfberry, red Silver Earring, and Gou screwdriver, red fruit of lycium barbarum, wolfberry West, dogs sildenafil, medlar bean ball, blood, blood and medlar using Tip: oral: soup with fried, 6 to 15 g; or in pill, powder, cream, wine agent. Lycium barbarum nature gentle, eating a little more not preclude; but if uncontrolled, eating too many will be "put fire."

Introduction of Chinese wolfberry knowledge:

Wolfberry fruit for the Solanaceae plants mature fruit of Chinese wolfberry in Ningxia. Lycium barbarum as a shrub or Bush, born in Shoreditch and the Hill or embankment of irrigation and drainage Department. Both wild and cultivated. Located in the North, Northwest, and other places. Other regions have cultivated. June-November continue to mature the fruit, can be harvested in batches, placed on the table of cold and exposure to skin drying and wrinkling to peel pulp is soft, Sun when turning, multi-inch dry in the summer. Should be removed after dry fruit stalk. Medlar fruit long egg is kind of spindle-shaped or circular, slightly flat 0.6 to 2 cm long, 0.3-1 cm in diameter. Red on the surface, slightly glossy, pimple-like style of indentation on the top, the base of the fruit with white handle trace. Peel pliable, wrinkling, flesh succulent, tender and smooth and sticky, a seed number, class, kidney-shaped flat and warp, light yellow or Brown, gas micro, sweet taste and slightly acidic. For a larger size, the color red, flesh, low quality and adding suppleness, seed, sweet taste is better.

Medlar nutritional analysis:

1. Chinese wolfberry rich in carotene, vitamin a, B1, B2, c, calcium, iron, and so must for eye health nutrition, good eyesight, commonly known as "eye out". Ancient doctors treating liver and blood deficiencies, caused by deficiency of kidney Yin were Dim, and night blindness, often using medlar, famous qiju dihuang pill prescriptions, lycium barbarum as their main drug. Folk also using prescriptive Fructus lycii in treatment of chronic eye disease, prescription for dietary therapy of lycium barbarum steamed egg is simple and effective. 2. the effect of lycium barbarum is improving the organism immunity, Qi strong sperm, nourishing the liver and kidney, anti-aging, diabetes, warm the body, anti-tumor effect. 3. the wolfberry have lower blood pressure, blood lipid and blood glucose, can prevent arterial graduation card-like hardening, protect the liver, inhibit fatty liver and promoting hepatocellular regeneration.

Medlar supplemental information:

1. both as a nut for consumption of lycium barbarum and indulge in outstanding efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine. 2. nourishing the grandparent's best since ancient times, extended failure Antiaging effect, so the name "Laozi". 3. stems of wolfberry shoots and young leaves in the spring called wolfberry, is both a vegetable and a nutritious health products. 4. containing 14 kinds of amino acids in Fructus lycii and jade Shu contains Betaine, Flavin, acid berries red pigment, special nutrients, to have the exceptional health effects. 5. depending on the processing method is divided into Fructus lycii, wolfberry fruit, fried with salt medlar, after the processing of dry storage containers, wolfberry fruit, fried with salt medlar closed, buy a cool dry place, moisture, heat, moth.

Wolfberry fruit for the crowd:

General use per capita. 1. suitable Yin deficiency of liver and kidney, cancer, hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, chronic hepatitis and fatty liver in patients with arteriosclerosis, edible; over the eyes and more suitable for the elderly. 2. not suitable for treating excess heat, taking the diarrhea of spleen deficiency.

Wolfberry fruit diet effects:

Sweet flavor of Chinese wolfberry, sexual-ping; liver, kidney, Lung; mass-run gas and can move up or down; With bushen Yijing, liver eyesight, lungs and Shengjin; Indications of deficiency of liver and renal deficiency, soreness of the waist and the knees, impotence nocturnal emission, dizzy, depending on the deficiency of unclear, Dr cough, diabetes. Long suits have delayed effects of aging and longevity.

Wolfberry fruit food mutual restraint:

Lycium barbarum generally should not be too much tea and warm supplements such as longan, red ginseng, jujube, and other common edible.

Medlar practice guidance:

1. wine of lycium barbarum is metamorphic, inedible. 2. quarters can be taken of lycium barbarum, Yi-cooked porridge in winter, summer are advised to make tea. 3. Daisy three flower, lycium 3-5, placed in the Cup has been warming by adding boiling water soaked 10 minutes after drinking, eyesight, nourishing blood, anti-aging, anti wrinkle effect.

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