Amaranth (green)


Amaranth (green)

Alias: thorn to red, amaranth, wild amaranth, the wild Amaranthus tricolor, Mian amaranth, green fragrant Amaranthus Amaranthus, wild spiny amaranth, m using Tip: meal 100~250 g

Amaranth (green) knowledge on:

Amaranth of annual plants in the amaranthaceae amaranth plants stems and leaves, the young plant stems and leaves can be eaten. Amaranth is a wild, only in recent years on the table. In some areas, called amaranth "longevity vegetable". Because of its rich variety of the human body needs vitamins and minerals and important substances are apt to be absorbed. At the same time to improve their health and improving the organism immunity, for children's growth, accelerating fracture healing, weight loss Detox, prevent constipation and excellent food, perinatal and maternal anemia patients.

Amaranth (green) analysis of nutrition:

Leaves of Amaranth are rich and easy to be absorbed calcium on the growth of teeth and bones can play a catalytic role and to maintain a normal cardiac activity, prevent muscle spasms. At the same time rich in iron, calcium, and vitamin k, can promote blood clotting, increases hemoglobin content and increase the oxygen carrying capacity, promotion of hematopoietic function. Amaranth is also losing weight table, the protagonist, often eating qingshen can lose weight, Detox, prevent constipation. At the same time often ate amaranth can improve their health, and amaranth are rich in protein and fat. Sugar and a variety of vitamins and minerals, it contains more protein than milk can be fully absorbed, carotene contained higher than that of Solanum, can provide rich nutrients for human, conducive to the strengthening and improving the organism immunity, "longevity vegetable," said. Promote the growth and development of children, Amaranthus Berkeley high content of iron and calcium than spinach, as the leader in fresh vegetables. More important is that amaranth Lai does not contain oxalic acid, calcium, and iron into the human body can easily be absorbed by using. Therefore, the amaranth can promote the growth and development of children, on the healing of fractures have some therapeutic value. Also suitable for women and the elderly eat, on the growth of teeth and bones can serve to promote the role amaranth for maintaining normal cardiac activity, promote coagulation is also helpful, this is because it is rich in iron can synthesis of hemoglobin in the erythrocytes, has the function of hematopoiesis and carry oxygen, most desirable consumption in patients with anemia. Folk often amaranth and purslane, people of the together as a fracture and parturient's best fresh vegetables.

Amaranth (green) for the crowd:

The general population are edible 1. for the elderly, young children, women, weight loss food. Edible amaranth red for clearing in the summer, treatment of enteritis diarrhea and constipated and hot urination has a prominent role; 2. deficient cold of spleen and stomach by avoiding food; alter gastrointestinal diarrhea of cold, easy people are unfit to eat.

Amaranth (green) therapeutic effect:

Amaranth slightly cold, tastes sweet, into the lung, large intestine Meridian; Heat-clearing and detoxifying and diuretic dehumidification effect, Tom Lee stool; Indication diarrhea, stool sezhi, gonorrhea, paint sore itch.

Amaranth (green) food and mutual restraint:

Amaranth bogey with turtles and turtle meat with fresh.

Amaranth (green) practices guide:

1. the common cooking methods including fried, FRY quickly, soup, mix, and do the following and filling. But the cooking time should not be too long. 2. Fried amaranth may be a lot of water, so in-frying process without adding water. 3. If you want garlic aroma come into nostrils, will pan out into the garlic before, this aroma is most keen.

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