Yu-Shiang Shredded Pork (Sautéed with Spicy Garlic Sauce)

Shredded pork with garlic sauce belonging to Sichuan cuisine recipes, main raw material are pork and carrot, fungus, the craft is fried, making difficult the Middle, if you press this recipe was produced, regardless of success or failed for the time being, you are welcome to comment on this recipe, you are also welcome to share your experience, Oh,

Home style shredded pork with garlic sauce ingredients: loin meat, carrot, fungus or thin;

Home style shredded pork with garlic sauce ingredients: soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, starch (the above mixed together into a soup-a), PI County broad bean paste with, ginger, onions, corn starch, cooking wine;

Fish fragrant shredded pork with home cooking:

1, the meat is cut into strips, plus a pinch of salt and starch cooking wine, sizing pickled for a while;

2, carrot, bubble fungus, green peppers, bamboo shoots, tobacco cutter;

3, with ginger, tobacco cutter;


4, oil in the pot, fragrant with ginger, burst, the broad bean paste with, fried;


5, put shredded pork, fried;


After 6, discoloration, into a carrot, fungus, (green peppers, bamboo shoots,) fried;





Warm Tip:

1, you can also join the green peppers and bamboo shoots;

2 of fibrous tissue, beef coarse, connective tissue, and crosscutting, long fiber cut, not down fibrous tissue, otherwise not only can't get tasty, chewing also does not rot;

Eat healthy:

Carrot: more suitable in patients with cancer, hypertension, blindness, dry eye syndrome, malnutrition, loss of appetite, skin roughness.

Pork: provide human physiological activities necessary for the high quality protein, fat, with nourishing yin for moistening dryness and Yijing blood effect, suitable for deficiency of qi and blood, is satisfied that the poor due to Yin deficiency.


1 of patients with cardio-cerebral vascular diseases, calculus, suitable for consumption, especially suitable for people with iron deficiency, miners, smelter, textile workers, barbers consumption;

2, hemorrhagic diseases, diarrhoea, people should not eat or eat less;

3, pregnant women should not eat.


Pork: pork not smoked, liquorice, crucian carp, shrimp, meat, snail and pigeon and almond, coriander, donkey meat, sheep liver, turtle, caltrop, buckwheat, quail, beef with fresh meat. After the consumption of pork should not be large amounts of tea.

Fungus: fungus not suitable and snail-eating: the drug from the food, cold River snail, met sliding profits agaric, is not conducive to digestion, so they are not the same food.

Suffering from hemorrhoids fungus and pheasant is not the same food, pheasant with small poison, both with fresh and easy-induced bleeding hemorrhoids.

Fungus not food with ducks, ducks of sweet flavor in cool, at the same time easy to dyspeptic.

Shabu hot pot with radish and fungus are not.

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