Volvariella volvacea Kale

Volvariella volvacea Kale raw material: Kale;

Volvariella volvacea cabbage mustard ingredients: mushroom.

Volvariella volvacea Kale approach:

1, wash the mushroom, volvariella volvacea proper cut, you can also do not cut direct fried; Kale cleaned to remove leaves, only root can be; late cut standby with ginger, respectively.

Under 2, straw mushrooms, kale, respectively to blanch in boiling water, drain water out.

3, hot frying pan pour oil into ginger scallion fried, and then down into the fried Kale, then put straw mushrooms, fried uniform into salt, soy sauce, soup, small fires to stew for a while until maturity of volvariella volvacea, sprinkle into chicken powder, thin starch powder with water to the pot.

Warm Tip:

Not mushroom, mushroom instead.

Eat healthy:

1, cabbage mustard rich in vitamins a, c, calcium, protein, fat and carbohydrates in plants. Traditional heat, deficiency under, gingival bleeding effect.

2, mushroom, gastric diseases, including chronic gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcer are advised to eat; Weak, undernourished, neurasthenia suitable food; cancer patients, especially in patients with esophageal carcinoma and cardiac Carcinoma, gastric carcinoma should be fresh; cardiovascular disease patients are advised to eat.

Food taboos:

1, kale is a prerequisite of adequate: number should not be too many times and should not be too frequent. Because traditional Chinese medicine believes that Kale consumption people really side effects. Long fresh Kale, will inhibit secretion of sex hormones.

2, mushroom, deficient cold of spleen and stomach are unfit to eat.

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