Spicy sauteed chicken neck

Spicy sauteed chicken neck

Spicy fried chicken neck material: chicken neck;

Spicy fried chicken neck ingredients: onion, ginger, wild pepper, cooking wine, sugar, soy, chili;

Spicy fried chicken neck approach:

1 wash, buy fresh skinless chicken neck cut into small pieces, burning hot water in the Pan, slightly boiled chicken necks in it, the color white can catch out.


2, ready to blast pot with onions, ginger, pepper.


3, the Pan ingredients in fragrance burst after the accession of chicken neck, immediately poured wine with sugar, add soy scrambled for a continued fried dyeing to all chicken neck, plus peppers, stewed to the amount of water began, until almost boil-dry soup, chicken essence seasoning with salt by the time it can out of the pot.



Warm Tip:

When Zhuo chicken necks, chicken necks in cold water, then opened fire with cold water Zhuo meat, blood removal easier to clean.

Eat healthy:

Higher percentage of chicken protein content, variety, and high digestibility, easily absorbed, with enhanced physical strength, strong function of the body. Chicken meat containing Phospholipid classes to human growth and development has an important role, are an important source of dietary fats and phospholipids in the structure of Chinese one. Chicken on malnutrition, aversion to cold is afraid of cold, fatigue fatigue, menstruation, anemia, weakness, and so have a good diet. Chicken soup for the gout patients should not drink.

Take the left l-dopa is not fit for human consumption

When you take iron preparations not fit for human consumption



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