Slices of fish

Slices of the fish raw: snake head;

Slices of fish ingredients: egg white;

Slices of fish sauce: onions, ginger, red pepper, pepper, sesame oil, salt, starch.

Practices of the slices of fish:

1, the fish article, this is a snake head, you can select a different, such as grass carp, perch, Mandarin fish.

2, with ginger, red pepper, chopped and soaked in water.


3, fish tail, fish, skinless (this is live with patience, be careful not to hurt, skin can cut off a bit, and then shredded).

4, oblique 45 degree slice standby.


5, washing with water two or three times, filtering, salt, egg whites, starch, pepper pickle for ten minutes.

6, skin bone fish tail, ginger and scallions with water, boiled into salt, skim floating foam, boil, bails out put in the dish.


7, the great fire, under the pieces into sashimi, not stirred, roll up the spray will help you. Finished fillet sway a Cook, turn off the fire. Rain to hurry up, a piece is not adhesive, you can grab some, shaking down into.

Shop 8, fish fillets, bails out on a fish bone and skin. Steamed fish with black bean sauce doused in oil.


10, oil, hot 90% (criteria, risk of smoke), turn off the fire, even poured on the fish.


Warm Tip:

Black fish seed poisonous, eating life is in danger.

Eat healthy:

Black fish in the containing protein, and fat, and 18 species amino acid,, also contains human required of calcium, and phosphorus, and iron and the multiple vitamin; applies Yu body weak, low protein blood syndrome, and spleen and stomach Qi, and nutrition bad, anemia of people edible, West wide along civil often depending SNAKEHEAD for precious supplements, to collection letter milk, and blood; SNAKEHEAD has expelling wind treatment infantile malnutrition, and supplement spleen Yi gas, and Lee water swelling of effect, therefore sanbeidiqu often maternal, and rheumatism patients, and children infantile malnutrition disease who find Wu the SNAKEHEAD fish Channa Argus fish food of, as a secondary food therapy. Applies to the frail, hypoproteinemia, spleen and stomach deficiency, malnutrition, anemia of human consumption.

Food taboos:

Having sore is not eating snake head, white scar.

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