Sizzling Beef Steak

Sizzling beef ingredients: beef, sweet pepper, onion

Sizzling beef ingredients: ginger and garlic

Sizzling beef sauce: soy sauce, salt, black pepper

Sizzling beef's practices:

1 oil, beef slices with foam tender, from the drain;


2, two tablespoons of oil burning hot, put in ginger, garlic and explosive fragrant, joined sweet pepper, onion, fried lobster sauce;


3, back on the beef slices, plus all the seasoning evenly mixed fried, put into the Pan hot iron plate (be careful this step would fuel injection).



Warm Tip:

1, beef loin and so you want to select, and must be fresh! Otherwise choose that older meat, what do you do also not tender Ah he fried!

2, when cut, the first along the fibers of the meat cut into pieces. And then with a Rolling pin knocking loose meat is tender.

3, scrambled when the fire is large enough, and enough oil to the end, the speed to fast enough. Otherwise, wasted.

Eat healthy:

Beef is rich in protein, amino acid composition than pork is more close to human needs, can improve the body's resistance, on recuperation after growth, after surgery and diseases of people in terms of additional loss of blood, tissues and other things don't fit. Fresh beef in winter, a warm stomach function, replenishing winter share. TCM believes that beef with BU Zhong Yi Qi and nourishing spleen and stomach, strong bones, and resolving phlegm for calming endogenous wind, quench your thirst of salivary gland function. Suitable for gas spills, shortness of breath body weakness, bones still ached dazzled, anemia in prolonged illness and yellow for human consumption.

Food taboos:

Beef is not cooking with fish; not with fresh chestnuts, millet and honey; not suitable with leeks, white wine, with fresh ginger.

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