Onion and egg pie

Onion and egg pie

Onion and egg pie ingredients: flour.

Onion and egg pie ingredients: yeast, onion, peanut oil, 13 incense, chicken, salt, eggs.

Onion and egg pie approach:

1, and face, with seventy or eighty degree drop drive so less than half spoon Angel yeast.


On 2, water yeast to flour, mixing into small drops leaning to one side.


3, and then hand dipped in water and slightly. Soft the烙饼 drips, the better, not afraid of soft, woke up half an hour on.


4, small onions cut drop joined peanut oil, sesame oil, 13 incense, chicken toss, try to keep each minced scallion are stained with oil (Oh, this little trick, in order to let the little vegetable soup, leek stuffing, mixed with cabbage filling ... ... Kazakhstan is applicable) must not drop salt at this time.



6, hand dipped in oil smeared on a thin foil oil drops, and then put the dough out on to the plate, slightly rubbing (without rub is to prevent the hardening of dough of flour).


7, then pulled into a paste, because oil drip sake, soft drops so does not touch-free board.


8, Gan of dough into small pancakes, put on gailian standby (again this time to sprinkle some flour Gan, or surface to add drops of which which were HA).


9, this time put the amount of drops well drops of onion mixed with salt.



11, beat eggs, I opened a small egg, with a chopstick into it a little stir, egg liquid drops soon fell out.


12, that a pie I put two eggs (eggs but also to make filling little shallot soup)


13, then somehow drops the egg shallot stuffing cancelled with the end of one and the same on-drop pizza, pie drop pressure ourselves around with your hands, don't let the cat out of the bag, then with a bowl cut to around an extra ground edges (I tried it with a knife cut to drop around edges, no, not with a bowl of pressure drop of fruit).


Baking pan the烙饼 on 14, on the other side. See how soft I drop the bar, pie is to have a heap.


15, a pot, look.



Warm Tip:

Making pan when (I'm using a baking pan, don't flip) hot, put a little oil, put the cake into small fried to golden brown. (If you are an ordinary pan, fried Oh remember to flip. )

Eat healthy:

1, flour rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other minerals, nourishing heart and kidney, invigorating the spleen to thick intestines, eliminates the thermal efficiency of quench your thirst.

2, wheat taste sweet, cold, heart, spleen, and kidneys; yangxin, tonifying the kidney, heat, quench your thirst; dirty mania, bother attending heat, thirst, diarrhea relief, abscess, trauma, bleeding and swollen Burns, etc.

3, flour: yangxin, tonifying the kidney, and blood, spleen.

4, small onions: onion smell of pungent and warm; with activating Yang and promoting blood circulation, insecticide detoxification, transpiration efficiency of exterior; indications of wind, cold and cold light, Carbuncle swollen sore on HIV, dysentery pulse micro, cold symptoms such as abdominal pain, abnormal urination.

Food taboos:

1, whitening wheat flour shortage of dietary fiber and other nutrients, diet can affect the body's gastrointestinal function and malnutrition. Weak or gastrointestinal function in patients with gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, constant diarrhea of functional dyspepsia people, people in recovery period after gastrointestinal surgery. Best not to eat or eat leek, celery stuffed steamed buns, dumplings, ravioli, which contained higher dietary fiber of vegetables, would increase the burden of the gastrointestinal tract, powder and flour in addition it is often said of standard addition to rich powder, also has specialized processing dumpling flour, cake flour, noodles flour, bread flour, etc.

2, small onions: ulcer disease suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, particularly of people should not eat; also onion effect on sweat glands stimulate strong, osmidrosis people should be used sparingly in summer food; table deficiency, Hyperhidrosis also should avoid drinking; too much consumption of onions you will strain your eyes.

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