Homemade oil cooked bamboo shoot

Homemade oil cooked bamboo shoot raw material: bamboo shoots

Homemade oil cooked bamboo shoot ingredients: pork, sesame oil, sugar, salt, soy, corn starch, chicken essence, coriander

Homemade oil cooked bamboo shoot approach:

1, bamboo shoots, and cut.


2, Zhuo of bamboo shoots water into clean water for bubble after 10 minutes, so you can effectively remove the bitter taste.


3, oil into the Pan, to put some more, and then into the five flowers fried and then poured into the shoot, fire cannot be too big, slowly frying, fried until the water shoots out.



4, add sugar, salt, soy and fried with a small amount of water to turn a few.


5, the final add starch water owed, add a little chicken and coriander may play pot opening to eat.


So the person you want to lose weight, if you often eat bamboo shoots, eating every meal of oil would have been its adsorption, reducing the gastrointestinal mucosa on the absorption of fat and savings, so as to achieve weight loss purpose;

Food taboos:

Bamboo shoot with sheep liver grams.

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