Grilled yellow croaker

Grilled yellow croaker

Grilled yellow croaker raw materials: croaker, pepper;

Grilled yellow croaker ingredients: black pepper, Korean chili sauce, tomato paste, oil;


Grilled yellow croaker practices:

1, on the surface of the fish with salt and black pepper;


Contains 2, fish flour, or stained pots, still have fleshy moisture stays the loss.


3 put a little oil, frying pans, oil fried croaker surface micro-focal, alternate.


4, adjust the juice with pepper chopped into pieces mix with Korean chili sauce, tomato sauce;


5, preheat the oven and Bake 10 minutes and doused sauce, then bake for 8 minutes.






Warm Tip:

Salted fish by fish 2% of salt and other spices, suitable for spring and autumn of pickle.


Croaker rich in selenium, to remove free radicals metabolism of human body, can delay aging (anti-aging raw Eggplant), and various forms of cancer prevention effects. Think of traditional Chinese medicine, croaker has spleen rise stomach, soothe the dysentery, effect of invigorating Qi and essence, for, insomnia, dizziness, loss of appetite of anemia and deficiency in postpartum women with good effect.

Food taboos:

1, croaker bogey with cattle and sheep fat fried.

2, tuberculosis not eat yellow croaker, Qing dynasty physician Wang Shixiong: "Shishou with fish-eating sores to help heat the patient bogey", modern medicine is that the sea fishy inducing matter contain irritating ingredients eaten easily aggravated condition of tuberculosis.

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