Fried pork intestines

Fried pork intestines are Zhejiang cuisine recipes, main raw material is a pork intestine; process fried, making simple;

Fried pork intestines of raw material: wild pig large intestine;

Fried pork intestines ingredients: green pepper, red pepper, onion, green onion;

Fried pork intestines of spices: cooking wine, onions, ginger, star anise one paragraph, some of Chinese prickly ash, sugar adequate water, soy sauce, salt, starch.

Fried pork intestines approach:

1, although from pork intestine but also to wash with salt and vinegar rubbed out, clean. Pork intestine into a liangshui Cook laundry, into the spring onion, ginger, star anise, Shaoxing rice wine, salt and pepper.

2, open, water from the white froth of foam, skim, and joined the Shaoxing rice wine, boil for 40 minutes.


3, cooked pork intestines remove scratch.

4, bails out of pork intestines hanging out in cool, cut into sections to be used.


5, significant slips occurred at this time, oil into pork intestines with hot pot frying bails out. (Keep the oil temperature in the bowels of the unhealthy oil obtained, colon became shuangcui)

6, hot oil into the pan fried onion, green pepper flavor.


8 starch, adjusting well water, thicken, into the green onion, even out of the pot.


9 and finished products.


Warm Tip:

Like to eat spicy food you can also add the chilli and fried with pepper powder.

Eat healthy:

1, colon for winter, especially for those who cough and expectoration of sorts; palpitations; many dreams people with insomnia.

2, large intestine moistening dryness and hemostatic effect of tonifying deficiency and quench your thirst. Can be used to treat weak of thirst, anal prolapse and hemorrhoids, blood, constipation, etc.

Food taboos:

. Pork intestines: bogey during the cold food; because of the cold, where the spleen loose stool also bogey.

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