Fried carp

Fried carp

Fried carp material: carp;

Fried carp ingredients: pork, red peppers, fresh mushrooms, bamboo shoots, grain of corn, carrot vegetable vegetables, garlic, ginger, onions, green garlic;

Sauce for fried carp: vinegar, soy sauce, Sichuan peppercorns, star anise, salt, pepper, cooking wine, sugar, pixian broad bean paste with;

Fried carp approach:

1, wash after initial processing of carp, at the tail of the fish's back and neck, and the cut with a knife, took a shot from the carp out of the neck slightly fishy.

2, the CARP both sides the knife, with salt, pepper, wine-cured tasty.

3, red pepper crusted tuna dicing/cubing, pork with dicing/cubing, mushroom and dicing/cubing, dicing/cubing with bamboo shoots, shallot late cutting, end of garlic, ginger slices, pixian broad bean paste with chop.

4, Pan heated in oil, oil temperature 50% thermal carp Lek NET moisture into the don't worry flip, fried to both sides until golden brown, remove oil control.


5, another hot pan put a little oil in stir-frying scallion, ginger and garlic.

6, and then into the wild pepper, anise, diced pork with frying.

7, the flavor poured into the PI County after frying oil red chili sauce and flavour.

8, poured into the small slightly fried with bamboo shoots, into a good fried carp.


9, cooked in a little cooking wine, vinegar, soy sauce, pour boiling water stew

10 open after a small fire, pot add sugar, salt seasoning spoon to continuously poured fish sauce.

Modified by 11, stewed turnover in 10 minutes with small fires burning for 10 minutes.

12, cast into the fire particle modified collection of vegetable juice.


14, the pot of sauce can be received by the fire or water spray starch to thicken your juice bag hot oil poured on late good sprinkle with green garlic on fish stew.


15 and finished products.


Warm Tip:

Dry is the key ingredient with small fires burning the soup juice into the ingredient in the final fire poured your sauce or thicken sauce tasty cooking methods are generally combined with diced pork with chili sauce, boil dry can do all kinds of dishes, excellent taste.

Eat healthy:

Suitable for ascites due to cirrhosis of hepatitis, nephritis edema, jaundice, cardiac edema, malnutrition edema of the beriberi, edema, human consumption of cough; also suitable for edema of pregnancy, lack of fetal movement disturbed, postpartum breast milk for human consumption;

Food taboos:

Suffered from malignant tumors, lymphatic nodules, Erythema of lupus, asthma, childhood mumps, thrombus thromboangiitis obliterans, ulcer healing ulcer, urticaria, skin diseases such as eczema cream per capita food and Lei Yue Mun is inducing matter, ferrite Yang hyperactivity and sores be careful when eating.

CARP and pickled vegetables CA: can cause gastrointestinal cancer.

CARP and pig liver phase CA: with food affects digestion.

CARP and liquorice CA: with food poisoning.

CARP with pumpkin CA: with food poisoning.

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