Durian crepe

Durian crepe material: dijinmianfen 80 g, Durian meat 150 g

Durian crepe ingredients: butter 15 grams, 1 animal pale cream, eggs, milk 240 g

Durian crepe seasoning: 1 small spoon tea powder (5ML), powdered sugar 50 g

Durian crepe approach:

1, the eggs into the Bowl breaking up, join the powdered sugar with the egg whipping uniform (eggs not sent);

2, poured into milk, stir; 3, sieves into the dijinmianfen and tea powder;


4, hit slowly stir the egg with a manual, a batter;

5, after the heat the butter water melts into a liquid, pour in the batter, mixing;

6, when the batter after sieving, placed in the refrigerator standing for half an hour;


7, Pan coated with a thin layer of oil, with a small fire heating. Pour two spoons (30ML) of batter, rounded. Solidification of fried batter. Good crepe fried skin shovel shovel up, put it in the dish. FRY in turn all the crepe paper (with a small fire when you fry without flip);

8, after good crepe fried skin cooling, it can be wrapped up. Animal light cream can add powdered sugar sent to keep the pattern level. Crepe paper skin (didn't side with a pan of frying) towards the lower well, crepe paper placed on the amount of sent good pale cream, put a piece of meat durian, then placed on the amount of sent good cream;

9, crepe bags into a square, filling a full package inside the skin;

10, over, Durian crepe finished. You are doing a crepe place in refrigerator to save, finished best eaten within a day.



Warm Tip:

1, the crepe batter a lot, to distinguish between the different tastes of dessert shops generally overlaid with different colored skin with different fillings, such as mango crepe mostly yellow, Durian crepe is green. Add green tea powder in a crepe paper can make the skin color to green crepe, if there is no green tea powder, or join a few green food coloring. Of course, if you don't care about skin color or not.

2, replaced with another of Durian fruit, you can do other flavors of crepe, exchange such as mango, peach, strawberry, and so on.

3, when fried crepe paper, recommended with non-stick pan for better. When frying with small fires, FRY to the solidification of crepe paper can shovel shovel down. Not fried too long, otherwise crepe paper paste, when filling is also easy to crack.

4, because the heavy taste of durian, Durian crepe in the refrigerator before you save it, proposed a number of packages of several layers of cling film or placed in a completely sealed storage box to avoid refrigerator full of Durian odour.

Eat healthy:

Durian is rich in nutrition, efficacy of invigorating the spleen and supplementing Qi, tonifying the kidney and strengthening Yang, pulp properties is hot and delay, deficient cold of tonics, illness and postpartum women available to nourishing the body.

Food taboos:

Durian when eating a cold, not fit for human consumption in patients with hypertension, diabetes, cannot simultaneously with alcohol consumption. Can red boiling water, not boiling.

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