Chocolate popcorn

        The ingredient of chocolate popcorn: digestibilities, chocolate;

        Chocolate popcorn ingredients: oils, sugar;

        Chocolate popcorn approach:

1, hot wok, oil, oil heat after pour digestibilities, covered with lid, keeps huanghuang wok to get digestibilities heat evenly. Soon, digestibilities burst open.


2, from the digestibilities of time needed to cook to burst into a big pot total is: 1fenzhong50miao.


3, blasting out of popcorn, take a hot chocolate sprinkle with sugar and melted into chocolate popcorn.


4, was completed.


        Warm Tip:

Dark chocolate is pure chocolate and milk chocolate taste different. The difference between the two is that the black fat than cow's milk chocolate (24 grams of fat per 100 g black chocolate and milk chocolate 33 gram), and dark chocolate contains less salt (12 µg 84 μg), sugar (64 g 55 grams). Real will eat the people only like dark chocolate.

      Eat healthy:

1, chocolate can ease the mood. Put the chocolate in your mouth, close your eyes and thin it's taste. Really upset things can throw to the brain not to think about. Chocolate itself has a can ease the emotional factors. Chocolate has become my life essential things.

2, chocolate is a natural guardian to prevent heart disease. Rich source of phenol compound, this complex on oxidation or accumulate in fatty substances in human arteries play considerable role in blocking. Main symptoms of coronary heart disease heart disease is usually due to LDL fatty substance (low density lipoprotein) in human blood and form a barrier and oxide induced cardiovascular blocking. Chocolate phenol compounds will not only prevent fat corruption turned the chocolate itself, better after they have been eating into a body quickly to vascular absorption, antioxidant constituents significantly increased in the blood, and soon a positive role as a powerful inhibit LDL oxidation and inhibit platelet-vascular activity of antioxidants. The part material on human vascular plays an important role to maintain blood flow.

3, Strawberry is the extremes of the fruits contain antioxidants, however, the antioxidant content of chocolate eight times higher than the strawberries.

4, all staples in the nutritional value and health function of maize is highest.

5, corn may help prevent heart disease and cancer.

6, corn contains lutein and zeaxanthin may counteract aging eyes

       Food taboos:


1 can't eat-snail, corn.

2, corn cannot be eaten and jujube.


1, gastric disease patients avoid eating chocolate.

2, milk and chocolate cannot eat calcium milk rich in protein-containing a secret chocolate containing oxalic acid, mixed the two together to eat, milk of calcium oxalate in the chocolate into a water insoluble calcium oxalate, after eating not only absorbed, symptoms such as diarrhea, dry hair can also occur, affecting the growth and development, it is not appropriate with the food.

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