Braised beef

Home style Braised beef are home-style recipes, the main ingredient is beef, technology is burning;

Beef braised in soy sauce ingredients: beef (brisket) 1000 grams;

Beef braised in soy sauce ingredients: onion 2 roots, 5 slices of ginger, soy 45ml, old 15ml, 30mL, brown sugar, 20 g, star anise liquor 2, Amomum Tsao-Ko one, pepper 10 tablets;

Braised beef's practices:

1, wash the beef 2-3 cm square cut into small pieces, joined the surface of the water was not beef, then put pepper grains, soaked 45 minutes;



2 soak up blood, rounds off, the beef full drain. Add 30%, a small amount of oil into the hot pot, into the frying beef blocks, water in the Middle, will fire up the fire, continued fried until water collection;


3 after dried, fried beef to discoloration, water collection, in white wine, onion, the ginger fried is uniform;


4, then fried to paint spraying into the soy, soy, bring firepower to small and medium-sized fire at this time, and then into a deep fried to color with brown sugar;


5 in sheng, good fried beef in stockpot, fill up the water was not material, sledge, caoguo into fire after boiling, turn into small stew for 2 hours, until crisp black beef.

Warm Tip:

Do it best selection 1, braised beef brisket, meat more tender and has a layer of oil, burned out tasty and juicy. Also, of course you can do with Niu Jianzi, Niu Jianzi meat is elastic and reinforced more burned out very chewy;

2, buying back beef soaked with water, into the wild pepper or ginger in the water has a very good best conditions, the role of CUI is tender. Blood poured out after having immersed, and beef to be fully drain. If frying beef water I heard, it is better to pour water out, or until the water fried dry, fleshy became very old;

3, is also a homely dish of Braised beef, each individual approach. I think, often with a simple sauce made out of pork is the most original. Soy and brown sugar has a role of paint and Titian, but must not be omitted, other than some savory, rich and soy mix to taste, the taste will also enjoy;

4 salt, like such dishes as small as possible, because often the stew, the tasty, but with the reduction in soup taste very salty, so after joining the soy, salt is not free, if you can be salty after cooked beef stew, try some seasoning;

5, mixed rice with Braised beef soup left directly or boiled noodles are particularly, or cut a few pieces of tofu, potatoes, mushrooms, cooked also especially delicious.


Beef muscle fibers than the rough is not easy to digest, but have very high cholesterol and fat, so the elderly, child care and digestion and weak people should not eat, or due to some tender beef. Modern medical research in the West believe that belonging to the red meat of beef, with a stench of acetaldehyde, excessive intake of unhealthy. People suffering from skin diseases, liver disease, kidney disease should be used sparingly-eating.

Food taboos:

Beef + chestnuts causes vomiting

Beef + brown sugar expansion and the dead

Salt beef + food poisoning

Beef + catfish will poison

Beef + snail poisoning

Beef + potato poisoning

Beef + liquor is inflammation of the tooth

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